Brian Miller - A Year of Stories - The Joy of Teaching


A Year of Stories – “The Joy of Teaching”

What was initially about money became something much deeper that would change my life for the better: a profound love of teaching… Read more.

Brian Miller - A Year of Stories - Not So Simple Request


A Year of Stories: “Not So Simple Request”

…In an effort to sell enough tickets to make the show worth their while, the theater continued asking me for more and different promo during the months leading up to the show. I kept giving them different videos, and cutting together new videos from the footage I had, desperately trying to give them what they needed. Nothing seemed to satisfy… Read more.

Brian Miller - A Year of Stories - Danielle Friend or Foe


A Year of Stories: “Danielle: Friend or Foe?”

…A lady who was having herself a grand ol’ time wanted desperately to volunteer. When I brought her up, the crowd erupted. Clearly she was a town-wide favorite. This can work for you or against you… Read more.

So many things are possible as long as you don't know they're impossible. Norton Juster quote, The Phantom Tollbooth.


The Phantom Tollbooth’s Magic

Somewhere in 7th or 8th grade I was introduced to a silly book called The Phantom Tollbooth. What I didn’t know at the time is that this nonsensical book had changed the lives of many thousands of people, and it would have a great impact on mine. Read more…

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Brian Miller - A Year of Stories - Magic at the Dentist


A Year of Stories: “Magic at the Dentist”

Ask any professional magician and they will tell you that we are constantly asked to perform in social settings. I loved it when I was just starting out because I needed an audience to practice on. But like any passion that becomes a profession, one yearns to get away from it when not at work. Read more.

Brian Miller - A Year of Stories - What do you do?


A Year of Stories: “What do you do?”

One of the most difficult things about being a magician is the social aspect. Unless you manage to avoid all human contact you will inevitably end up in social situations where you will have to answer the standard social gathering question: “So, what do you do?” … Read more.

Brian Miller - A Year of Stories - Tableside Nightmare


A Year of Stories: “Tableside Nightmare”

As I begin my set, I notice that the grandmother is looking down at her phone, ignoring the children and my performance completely… Read more.

Brian Miller - A Year of Stories - My First College Gig


A Year of Stories: “My First College Gig”

…I crashed with family for a couple of months before getting a small, low-income apartment with a friend who was just starting grad school. By August I was running out of savings and still struggling to find paying magic gigs… Read more.

Mary Blair Concept Art It's a Small World


Disney, Wonder, and a 2 year old: Reconnecting with the real world

I ended up sitting with a mother, grandmother, and 2 year old who was introduced as Asher. It was Asher’s first trip to Disney (or at least the first trip he’d remember vaguely)… Read more.

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Brian Miller CT Style ABC 8


Brian’s CT Style interview: What’s to be done about young people’s inability to connect in the real world?

Are smartphones and social media killing their ability to connect? Who’s to blame? What can be done about it? … Read more.

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