A Year of Stories: Faking Confidence with Brian Miller


A Year of Stories: “Faking Confidence”

“Dad, I want to quit McDonald’s. This summer I’m going to work as a magician instead.” I was 17 and taking the first steps towards this wonderful and crazy life

A Year of Stories with Brian Miller - Professional Courtesy


A Year of Stories: “Professional Courtesy”

In the middle of showing him one of my favorite pieces of coin magic, he reached over and physically adjusted my hand. “This is the proper position,” he stated. Read more.


A Year of Stories: “Be Patient”

Two years ago I was hired to perform at a small company holiday party for a local business that was in the process of gaining global recognition. I was tasked

A Year of Stories with Brian Miller "Just Ask"


A Year of Stories: “Just Ask” a.k.a. How I Got Sponsored

A while back I had two sponsors for my business: a wardrobe sponsor and a hat sponsor. What does that mean? It means that a local men’s clothing company in

A Year of Stories "Meeting Kristen Schaal" with Brian Miller


A Year of Stories: “Meeting Kristen Schaal”

Some stories are just cool. They don’t have a point or a message. They’re just unabashedly awesome. This is one of those stories. Read more.

"The Power of Kindness" - A Year of Stories with Brian Miller


A Year of Stories – “The Power of Kindness”

…Round tables are great for encouraging conversation, and as such they are a good choice for most orientation events. But they are a poor choice for any type of live show, because it puts half of the audience with their backs to the stage, and, as just mentioned, it encourages talking rather than listening… Read more.

Brian Miller - A Year of Stories - The Joy of Teaching


A Year of Stories – “The Joy of Teaching”

What was initially about money became something much deeper that would change my life for the better: a profound love of teaching… Read more.

Brian Miller - A Year of Stories - Not So Simple Request


A Year of Stories: “Not So Simple Request”

…In an effort to sell enough tickets to make the show worth their while, the theater continued asking me for more and different promo during the months leading up to the show. I kept giving them different videos, and cutting together new videos from the footage I had, desperately trying to give them what they needed. Nothing seemed to satisfy… Read more.

Brian Miller - A Year of Stories - Danielle Friend or Foe


A Year of Stories: “Danielle: Friend or Foe?”

…A lady who was having herself a grand ol’ time wanted desperately to volunteer. When I brought her up, the crowd erupted. Clearly she was a town-wide favorite. This can work for you or against you… Read more.

Brian Miller - A Year of Stories - Magic at the Dentist


A Year of Stories: “Magic at the Dentist”

Ask any professional magician and they will tell you that we are constantly asked to perform in social settings. I loved it when I was just starting out because I needed an audience to practice on. But like any passion that becomes a profession, one yearns to get away from it when not at work. Read more.