On Optimism and Impossible Goals

Hey friends, This week’s “Friday Q&A” on my YouTube channel is all about optimism, setting impossible goals, and general positivity. “I have an undying belief that my goals are possible.

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Brian Miller - Day in the life of youth motivational speaker thumbnail


Day in the life of a Youth Motivational Speaker

Hey there, I am often asked what a typical day looks like. Even my friends and family regard what I do with a kind of mystery around it. They say,

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Six or nine meme


Six or Nine? Perspectives & Understanding

I came upon this meme on Facebook recently: It got me thinking about the nature of perspectives and how we navigate between our personal worldview and those of other people,

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Motivational Speaker Brian Miller with high school audience


Students React to Motivational Speaker Brian Miller

While I was mobbed by awesome students after the speech, my assistant recorded a bunch of kids on camera reacting to the speech. Check out what they had to say. Read more.

So many things are possible as long as you don't know they're impossible. Norton Juster quote, The Phantom Tollbooth.


The Phantom Tollbooth’s Magic

Somewhere in 7th or 8th grade I was introduced to a silly book called The Phantom Tollbooth. What I didn’t know at the time is that this nonsensical book had changed the lives of many thousands of people, and it would have a great impact on mine. Read more…

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Mary Blair Concept Art It's a Small World


Disney, Wonder, and a 2 year old: Reconnecting with the real world

I ended up sitting with a mother, grandmother, and 2 year old who was introduced as Asher. It was Asher’s first trip to Disney (or at least the first trip he’d remember vaguely)… Read more.

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Brian Miller CT Style ABC 8


Brian’s CT Style interview: What’s to be done about young people’s inability to connect in the real world?

Are smartphones and social media killing their ability to connect? Who’s to blame? What can be done about it? … Read more.

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Brian returns to CT Style Feb 2016


Catch Brian on ABC 8 CT Style this Wednesday February 10th at 9am

Hey everyone, I’ll be returning to ABC 8’s CT Style this Wednesday morning, February 10th at 9am. It will be my third time on the show, but my first time

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Brian Miller Speaks Brainerd Library


Magic and Message at Brainerd Library

On January 2nd I kicked off the new year with a great event at the Brainerd Library in Connecticut. It was a dual-program: magic show and motivational speech. Our attendance was huge, and I was told later that we broke the library’s attendance record for an event. Read more.

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Brian Miller kindness quote


Commencement Speech 2015

“What does it take to become successful?” This question is usually directed at me by younger magicians, or part-timers looking to quit their day jobs and become a full time entertainer. Read more.

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