Magic of Leadership: Camps, Libraries, Community Events

Leading = Connecting

Kids who lead become adults who change the world.

The most effective leaders are those who understand and connect with the people they are leading. Leadership is about connecting.

Engage, entertain, and inspire your students.
Youth speaker Brian Miller combines audience interaction, laugh-out-loud stories, and amazing magic demonstrations all wrapped around an important message about connecting. Your students will gasp, laugh, and love every minute of Brian's presentation. They won't even realize how much they are learning!

He teaches practical techniques that kids can remember, like his EARS technique for active listening: E.A.R.S. - Eye contact, Avoid distraction, Reflection, Summarize.

You can TRUST Brian

For over 10 years Brian has shared his message and his magic with thousands of audiences in 25 states and 5 countries. His TEDx talk has reached millions worldwide on YouTube, transcending continents and cultures.

But why take our word for it? Just look at what the educators who work with him have to say:

Michael Sweeney headshot

Brian's capacity to connect his magician's craft and personal experiences to the broader topic of communication and connection held the audience's attention and generated thoughtful participation. Library patrons resisted leaving at closing because of Brian's warmth and clarity. They requested the library offer similar programs in which presenters connected their craft to their interests, identities, and motivations.

Thank you Brian for providing such a successful and community building program. Though I have moved on from Brainerd Library, I will remain in touch for programs in my new library.

Brainerd Library Michael Sweeney, Program Coordinator January 25, 2016

You wowed our eyes with your magic and our brains with your keen insights. An innovative approach to museum education. Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

Florence Griswold Museum David Rau, Director of Education November 19, 2015

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So engaging, so insightful, so honest. Your speech should be built in to the curriculum across every high school and post-secondary institution. Can you imagine how amazing this world would be if every teenager and young adult heard your message?

Lindsay McRae Registered Social Worker January 7, 2016


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