On Optimism and Impossible Goals

Posted by on June 16, 2017

Hey friends,

This week’s “Friday Q&A” on my YouTube channel is all about optimism, setting impossible goals, and general positivity.

“I have an undying belief that my goals are possible. I believe in myself. I believe that I can achieve the goals that I’ve set out for myself.”

My strategy involving always having a short, medium, and long term goal that I am simultaneously working towards. A short term goal is something to achieve within the next few weeks or months. A medium term goal is something to work towards over the next year or two, and a long term goal may be 2-5 years away or longer.

I have found through experience that the best way to achieve my goals is by putting positive energy into the world and everything that I do. Work hard, be kind to people, and you will find good things generally come your way.

How do YOU stay positive? Do you have any tricks or tips to achieving goals? Share in the comments section on the YouTube video so everybody can benefit!

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Brian Miller

Brian Miller

Brian Miller is a Connecticut youth motivational speaker who travels the country sharing his message and magic with high school and college students . His TEDx talk "How to Magically Connect with Anyone" is one of the most popular in history.
Brian Miller

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