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Students are losing the ability to connect with people in the real world.

The most effective leaders are those who understand and connect with the people they are leading.

Motivational speaker Brian Miller inspires students to make better, more meaningful connections with the people in their lives. Your students will reclaim the art of conversation and learn how to take on other people's perspectives. You will see the change in the halls and in your community.

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Magicians have mastered the art of understanding different perspectives in order to create wonder. Discover how Brian learned to apply that technique to his life outside of magic, and how you can too. A unique combination of audience interaction, live magic demonstrations, and laugh-out-loud stories wrapped around an important message about connecting.

Adapted from Brian’s globally acclaimed TEDx talk “How to Magically Connect with Anyone,” which has inspired over 2 MILLION PEOPLE worldwide and become one of the most popular TEDx talks in history.


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Featured In:

-Campus Activities Magazine
-Magic Magazine
-Society of American Magicians Magazine
-The Get Together -- Upcoming documentary film (2016)
-"7 Lifechanging TED Talks" (The Odyssey Online)
-"5 Must Watch TED Talks for College Students" (Kitabitukda)
-"5 TED Talks to Watch Before an Interview" (Uloop College Business News)
-The Campus Lantern
-The College Voice
-The Huffington Post

Performed/Spoken at:

-Yale University
-US Navy Bases in Europe
-Dusquesne University
-Florence Griswold Museum
-100+ colleges/high schools nationwide
-National and international corporations worldwide

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So engaging, so insightful, so honest. Your speech should be built in to the curriculum across every high school and post-secondary institution. Can you imagine how amazing this world would be if every teenager and young adult heard your message?

Lindsay McRae Registered Social Worker